This article describes the procedure for resetting a PowerMatch amplifier to factory default settings.


Relevant Product(s)

  • PowerMatch PM4250
  • PowerMatch PM4250N
  • PowerMatch PM4500
  • PowerMatch PM4500N
  • PowerMatch PM8250
  • PowerMatch PM8250N
  • PowerMatch PM8500
  • PowerMatch PM8500N



From the front panel of the amplifier:

  1. Press the soft button to the right of the display to enter the system menu. If the word "MENU" does not appear, but the word "BACK" does, press the soft button until the amplifier is all the way backed out of the menu system, and "MENU" appears.
  2. Press the soft button that corresponds to the word "UTILITY." This should be the right-most soft button.
  3. Using the selector knob, navigate to "RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS," and then press the selector knob.
  4. Press the soft button that corresponds to "RESTORE"

The amplifier will now be in the factory state.


  1. If the amplifier's front panel is locked, you will need to enter the correct un-lock combination to access the menu system.
  2. In later firmware releases, an option exists to only restore the network settings to factory state. To perform this action, simply press the soft button that corresponds to "NETWORK SETTINGS RESTORE." Otherwise, to restore all user settings, and leave network settings unchanged, press the soft button that corresponds to "USER SETTINGS RESTORE."
  3. Invoking Restore Factory Settings will change the "power on state" of the amplifier such that all front panel setting changes will be saved and recalled on each subsequent power up. This state can be modified using ControlSpace Designer software.



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