This Article describes how to modify the Setup from a Conference Room Router in the ControlSpace Designer Software for Example by adding a new Far End Connection


Relevant Product(s)

  • EX-1280C
  • EX-440C
  • ControlSpace Designer all 5.x Versions




Please open the ControlSpace Designer Config File which contains the Conference Room Router (CRR) which

should be modified. Double click in the Project View at the shown EX-1280/440 C Processor.

Please locate the CRR in the Design and please click with the Right Mouse Button at the CRR.

A Window will apear and please choose the Entry in the List "Wizard"

The Conference Room Router Configuration will appear.

Now you can modify the complete Setup from teh CRR.

For our Example to add a additional Far End Connection we can modify the Entry "Far End In/out" to 

one higher.

By pressing the OK Button the modification is saved.

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