The PowerMatch limiter block is an important step in the processing chain which protects the connected loudspeakers from damage.  When using a preset EQ for a Bose Professional loudspeaker, the limiter is set automatically. For all other loudspeakers, the limiter will need to be set manually based on the power handling of the loudspeaker.


Relevant Product(s)

  • PowerMatch PM4250
  • PowerMatch PM4250N
  • PowerMatch PM4500
  • PowerMatch PM4500N
  • PowerMatch PM8250
  • PowerMatch PM8250N
  • PowerMatch PM8500
  • PowerMatch PM8500N


The limiter in PowerMatch is set by voltage. To set the limiter, use Ohm's Law to find the maximum voltage (V) based on the power handling (W) and nominal impedance (Ω) of the speaker being used:

V = √(W * Ω)

This formula is used twice: once for the RMS value and once for the peak value.



The Panaray 402 Series II loudspeaker is used as an example The power handling of this loudspeaker is 120W RMS and 480W peak. The nominal impedance is 8Ω.

VRMS = √(120W * 8Ω) = 31V

Vpeak = √(480W * 8Ω) = 62V

Enter these values in the corresponding limiter fields.


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