In the event that upgrading the firmware of a PowerMatch amplifier over a USB connection fails, Recovery Mode can be used to complete the firmware upgrade process.


Relevant Products

  • PowerMatch PM4250
  • PowerMatch PM4250N
  • PowerMatch PM4500
  • PowerMatch PM4500N
  • PowerMatch PM8250
  • PowerMatch PM8250N
  • PowerMatch PM8500
  • PowerMatch PM8500N



When a PowerMatch is in Recovery Mode, firmware uploads can only be performed with ControlSpace Designer v3.044 or above, which can be downloaded from  

To put the PowerMatch amplifier into Recovery Mode:

1. Power off the amplifier.

2. Simultaneously press and hold buttons 1, 3, and 5 on the front panel of the amplifier (under the LCD screen).

3. Continue to hold these buttons while powering on the amplifier.

4. Release the buttons once the display shows RECOVERY MODE!

5. Wait for the amplifier to enter recovery mode.  The screen will show:

please re-run firmware update

Note: It is normal that the amplifier's fans will be running at full speed while the amplifier is in this state. 

6. Use a USB cable to connect your computer to the USB port on the front panel of the amplifier (USB Type B cable).

7. Open ControlSpace Designer.

8. In the Update Firmware window that appears automatically, click Yes.

9. In the ControlSpace Firmware Update window, click Update to start the update operation.
    Important: Do not disconnect the power amplifier during the update process.

We can view the update progress in real time in the Firmware File Upload window that appears.

The following information will be displayed on the LCD display on the front panel of the amplifier:
  Firmware Update In Process
  Do Not Power Down

Once the upgrade is completed, the following window will pop up.

The following information will be displayed on the LCD panel indicating that the firmware update has been completed:
Firmware Update Complete
Waiting for Power Down

10. In the CSUpdate window, click OK to restart the PowerMatch amplifier.

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