Two solutions are presented to resolve an issue where no audio is heard from Input A



The amplifier does not pass signal from Input A when a volume controller without an A/B switch is connected.


Relevant Product(s)

  • FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ
  • FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ



When a FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ or FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ amplifier has a volume controller connected, the unit also expects that the controller has an A/B switch.  Input A would be selected if the A/B switch were closed, and Input B would be selected if the switch were open.

So, when a volume controller without an A/B switch is used, the amplifier interprets the A/B connection as being open. This causes Input B to be selected.

There are two solutions

  • The first option is to move the source from Input A to Input B.  
  • The second option is to use a small wire to connect A/B and COM on the REMOTE connection, which will force Input A to be selected.
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