This article describes how to set up a ControlCenter CC-2 controller within the PowerSpace+ amplifier web-based configuration.


Relevant Product(s)

  • PowerSpace P4300+
  • PowerSpace P4150+
  • ControlCenter CC-2



Before starting this procedure:

After reaching the configuration utility's dashboard screen, on the left hand side select CONFIGURATION and then LISTENING AREAS.

PowerSpace+ amplifiers support up to two CC-2 controllers, with each controller adjusting the Area Gain (output level) of a listening area and its selected source.
Select the first listening area to which a CC-2 will be assigned. If the CONTROLLERS slider is not already enabled, click to enable controllers for this listening area.

In the TYPE drop down menu, select CC-2.
In the CONTROLLER drop down menu, select the ID of the CC-2 controller that will be used to make level adjustments in this listening area.

Finally, under ROUTING DETAILS, select the inputs that will be routed to this listening area.  Under SWITCH, set which source will be A on the controller and which will be B. 
NOTE: If an input is not selected for the listening area in this step, the TYPE and CONTROLLER selections will not be retained when switching between listening areas.

Select the next listening area to which a CC-2 will be assigned, and repeat these steps until all controllers are assigned.

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