This Artice Describes how to Change the Cannel Count from a Audio Block like a Gain in the Bose ControlSpace Designer Software


Relevant Product(s)

  • ESP-00-II
  • ESP-880
  • ESP-1240
  • ESP-4120
  • ESP-1600
  • ESP-880A
  • ESP-1240A
  • EX-440C
  • EX-1280
  • EX-1280C



If you are using a ControlSpace Design in Version >5.0 and you like to enlarge or to reduce the Cannel Count from a
existing Audio Block like a Gain or a Mixer please click with the Right Mouse Button at the Block you like to modify.

Than you will see the Options for this Audio Block. Please choose "Change Channel Count".

A Window will appear, and you are able to modify the Number from the Inputs or the Output or both.

The Functionallty is related to the selected Audio Block.

If you confirm with the OK Button you will see your Changes at the Audio Block

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