This Article describes how to use the Audio Route Function in the ControlSpace Designer Software for an Audio Connection


Relevant Product(s)

  • ESP-880A
  • EX-1280
  • EX-1280C
  • EX-12AEC
  • EX-440XC



Use audio routes in ControlSpace Designer to pass audio between two locations within a single ESP or EX device as if they were connected, 
but without the need to wire them together directly. It is similar to a named object or net in schematic diagrams, 
where objects with the same name are assumed to be connected. 

This provides a convenient virtual wiring shortcut from one location in a design to another and is helpful when many intervening 
or blocking design elements make it difficult to route wires between the two points.


You can use this "Fan out Wires" to connect one Output with multiple Inputs


The same Function you will get with Audio Routes

Please Note: You can duplicate the Output from the Audio Route Output so often you need it.

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